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Because we haven't in a while...

I'm using Caitlyn's computer because she's asleep in our bedroom where my computer is, and I'm out on the couch at nearly 2 am hand writing a list of things that are making me worry because sometimes getting the worries out of my head makes the anxiety go away. These worries include our slightly flooded bedroom, the job interview I have Thursday, the meeting with my professor I have Thursday, and all the logistics that I have to take care of for Feb 29 and March 1 to drive to Chicago for two OTHER interviews. Not to mention other angsty spiritual and academic issues.

So, a list of things that are happy right now:
  • One of Tim's professors came up to me at the Fraternity Semi-formal last weekend and asked if we had set a date for our wedding, because he was looking forward to the party
  • My mom is willing to take semi panicked phone calls at 1 am for things like flooded carpets and doesn't freak out or get angry when you do
  • My sister, who made me tea today and let me log her out of all her favorite websites on her computer so I could log in
  • My magazine class, which just makes me happy. I'm learning to write for magazines!
  • While this is one of my worries, it is also amazing: I have TOO MANY sources for my paper on Feminism/Antifeminism in the Catholic Church
  • The Circle of Magic Audiobooks, which Kim has shared with me
  • Also a crossover from the worry list: But I've started to write fanfic again and the dabblings make me happy
  • My dad, who makes it a point to tell me he's proud of me every chance he gets
  • I've somehow developed a good relationship with my boss in the last couple of months.
  • Torchwood
  • LOST
  • The Writer's Strike ending
  • My boyfriend who listens to my problems even if he can't solve them -- as is the case with my constant Spiritual crisis
  • Going to Church with my sister

I've been feeling lonely lately. I should work on that after I work on cleaning my room and organizing my books.

My Coup

Originally Posted September 5, 2002 at 8:30 PM:

Oh, I wanted to tell you the story of how Kirsten and I got rich.

In AP History we were playing "The Great Gumball Game", and for the first two days we just played it. You trade these candies, one for one to increase your own score. Kirsten and I decided the first day that we would collect five of the smallest valued candies, who happened to be of the color pink. We figured that either we would loose miserably, which would be funny, or we would win it all if the scoring scale reversed completely, and the pinks ended up being worth 50 points each.

It was the former. We were losing miserably. We had 40 points, the absolute lowest possible in the game, more or less. And then they sorted us into our social classes, based on score. And then each of the three social classes, simulating high middle and low classes, were given three "big" gumballs to split between the groups, each gumball being a ticket up in the world, valuing 100 points each. Despite being dirt poor, each time we could have gotten a gumball, it was given away in a random drawing and Kirsten and I were not only dirt poor but unlucky.

For two days we lived in a rotting cardboard box on the edge of a trailer park because we were *that* poor. Kirsten's little brother has Kirsten's teacher for USH9, and wanted to know who we were because he thought we were stupid for having the lowest score in the game!

The third day, however, Mike (our helpful first hour spy!) told us that the high class got to change the rules. Kirsten and I didn't even try to trade that first ten minute round (how were we going to improve our score? I mean, who would want our five pinks?). Then the Rich got to make the rules.

They each got 10 000 points. You could trade any number of "gumballs" for any number of "gumballs". (Meaning, you could give someone all of them at once for nothing in return. Against the rules before.) You didn't have to hold hands to show you were making a trade. If you approached someone with a higher score, and you wanted to trade but they didn't, the person with the lowest score had the right to force the higher scorer to make a trade, unless the higher scoring person was high class. And anyone with five pinks got 100 extra points (Katy Gorman felt guilty... hehe.)

"YEAH!" Kirsten and I gleefully shouted. We were the only ones in the two classes with five pinks, but we suddenly had 140 instead of 40. It made me laugh, very happy.

And then we got to trade again. Now the high class was going to win, because 10 000 points is seriously high rolling. But since Kirsten and I got an automatic extra 100 points, we decided to ask everyone to give us points.

"No way," said one guy named Dave I knew from my debate class.

"The point of this game it to show that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer!" I said. "If all of the triangles (which was the lowest class) pull their wealth together, one person can stand against that statement!"

They weren't going to do it at first. But when the trading round ended, all of the triangles ended up giving Kirsten and I their wealth. We calculated 870 points total, put forgot to add the wonderful "100 points for five pinks" bonus. We had 12 pinks. We got an extra 200 points, making us -- without the high class' 10 000 points -- the actual winners of the game with 1070 points.

Kinda funny how we went from absolute rags to beautiful riches... Kirsten and I were right to make that gamble... I think it's funny. We seriously knew we were going to lose and thought it was funny then, too. But the fact that we actually won... priceless.

It's a fairly good simulation of capitalist society... but there are ways in capitalism that it's possible to raise your score. What if we had, say, created a scarcity of the pinks? Then they should have been more valuable. What if the values of the candies had changed? Then there would have been a stockmarket. Or loans? Or education? It was definately not the end all be all of capitalist simulations, but it made the point.

So, that put me in a good mood all day.


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